Vox Populi - The Voice of the People is recruiting.

Click here to see our official recruitment thread.

Organization Rules


Org tax is currently on 999 credits deducted every 2 hours of online time. In addition we have a shop commission of 5% that helps us pay for the city.

Please refrain from political and religous discussions in org chat.

As we are a Clan organization, we do not accept people with active alts in Omni organizations.

Our city in Milky Way

We have an org CRU shop with as good as free CRU (1 credit per QL), so members will not pay for alien raids. The free CRU is provided by Vox Sector10 raids or Inferno/Pen teams and donations from our members.
You are not obligated to make any donations if you can't fit it in your own budget.
Any abuse of this shop will resolve in a kick.

You are allowed to do farm raids to the extend that no one online at the time is interested in joining an alien raid and you provide the CRU for it yourself. As solo farm raids often means the CC being depleted, please accept if people are not willing to loose city benefits at certain times.

You are allowed to have as many shops as you want. Our president goes through the shops once a month and if there's shortage on room, empty shops will be closed.

We do not accept:

Ninja looting
Clan ganking

How to Join

Register at our forums, read the stickies and make a post in the Recruitment Forum. You will then be contacted ingame for an Interview by an Advisor or our President.

If your application is accepted, you will get an applicant period that lasts approximately 14 days, in which the advisors and the president will take note of you and asses if they think you fit in. And in which you will take note of the Vox family and see if we are what you thought we were.

In your application period you are allowed to participate in as many raids as you like, but you will not be able to roll on big drops.