Vox Populi was formed Janury 10th 29476 (jan 10 2002) by a few former Omni Tech personel from Division 3 omni Reclamation fleeing from Omni's ever increasing brutal actions. The Guild quickly grew to become a major focus among moderate guilds who opposed Omni Tek and who stood in opposition to the lack of leadership by Henry Radiman and that eras incarnation of the Council of Truth.

When the council finaly fell and Radiman fled into hiding Vox stood among those clans that defended clan territories against the enroachment of OT and the arrival of the ICC. When notum mining opened up to all Vox was among the guilds who spoke out for an equal distribution of the planets wealth but as the battles for control of notum became ever more bloody Vox again took up arms to fight and defend against the enroachment of Omni Tek.

Now a long time has passed much has happened Vox Populi has put down its weapons and again seeks to become a focus for those among the clans who seek to bring about a diplomatic government to rule over Rubika.